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Our sensor suite will support a variety of sensing and feedback requirements in an vast array of applications


We offer a comprehensive line of interfaces such as an 8-channel USB interface for real time feedback to your PC or tactical controller


Our innovative controllers have been developed for multiple-channel analog and digital applications and communicate in analog, digital over CANbus, Ethernet, USB, etc.

Power Supply

Is your robotic application limited by the size and weight of your power supplies? If so, have a look at this revolutionary DC robot power supply. We have developed a power supply capable of supplying six different voltages from one AA quad battery pack. You can now get 2.5V, 3.3V, 4.8V, 5V, 10V or 12V output from our MDC1 Multiple DC Power Supply.

       Robotic Maze Kits

Looking for a simple maze solution for your robot. We have developed a lightweight maze that can be configured to your custom requirements. When you are done, conveniently pack it up and take it with you or store it for later use.