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Our comprehensive sensor suite includes a wide technology base developed with enhanced performance and  functionality in mind.

We have developed state of the art sensors for proximity/distance measuring, directionality tracking, position feedback, speed sensing, flame detection and heat direction sensing to name a few.

Proximity Sensors:

Our distance measuring sensor lineup includes high resolution linear infrared sensors and ultrasonic distance sensors

Directionality Sensors:

We offer a variety of directionality sensors that provide 3D space feedback such as dual-axis tilt sensors, 3-axis accelerometers and yaw rate sensors.

Speed Sensors:

We offer encoder based speed sensors that are suited for vehicle position/direction tracking and speed sensing. We also have small-scale speed sensors that are designed for lighter duty robotics.

Flame & Heat Sensors:

We have developed a unique set of flame detectors and heat directional sensors that are geared for use in detecting and locating a flame or heat source.