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IRLI-60 Infrared Linear Distance Measuring Sensor (4-60 cm)

The ultimate high performance infrared proximity sensor, providing better accuracy and wider range for standard Sharp analog infrared proximity sensor technology.


IRLI-60 Specifications (PDF)

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding Range: IRLI technology provides up to double the useful range of a similar standard Sharp sensor. 

  • Excellent Resolution: At long range IRLI technology provides at least 10 times the resolution and sensitivity of a similar Sharp sensor.

  • Improved Linearity: The analog output of IRLI technology provides dramatically linear compared to a similar standard Sharp sensor (voltage is directly proportional to distance). 

  • Increased Signal Voltage: The output signal from IRLI technology is increase twofold when compared to the output of a standard Sharp sensor, allowing A/D converters to use their full resolution.


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Qty: 1 IRLI-60 $65.00
Qty: 10 IRLI-60 $60.00
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